A powerful story leaves nothing out. Strong emotional characters, powerful images and crisp sounds draw us into the lives of others and educates us about them, ourselves, and the world.

Uganda 2012

Founded in 2010 by Jason Marder, we've covered stories from Boston to Uganda working for domestic networks, local affiliates and production companies, NGO's, and Corporations.  

Having previously worked as a camera Assistant on such feature films as Mickey Blue Eyes, The Corruptor, Love of the Game and TV shows like Oz and The Sopranos, the term "Critical Ends," was marked on a roll of film notifying the lab it containted no waste and even the last frame was critical.

We seek to discover your story, to fill each frame and leave nothing out – because each moment is truly Critical.

CriticalEnds Productions does everything necessary to tell a powerful story. Producing, Researching, Reporting, Photographing (Stills and Video), Editing, and Promoting. Every aspect contributes to the power of the story and so every detail must be executed perfectly in order to garner the attention the story deserves.

You should feel as if you were there. You should understand the impetus behind the story and its significance.

...and everyone has a story.

No matter the subject, whether in front of a hut or behind a desk, our goal is the same - never losing an opportunity to capture compelling images and tell stimulating stories.